Wow! This book is packed with so much information all homeowners should know. Anne offers useful tips to keep your house running smoothly thus avoiding costly problems down the road. I believe the Home Maintenance Calendar toward the end of the book is my favorite part. It's a great reference for keeping your home maintenance up to date and organized. Anne Thornton's book is a must for any first time home owner. Fabulous wedding gift idea!

Anne Thornton’s Insider Guide to Home Improvement is filled with tips, reminders, checklists and calendars to help you manage your home repair and remodeling projects, whether you use a contractor or do it yourself.

"Has helped us out in a bind more than once!"

“My husband and I just became first-time homeowners and to say we are overwhelmed is a bit of an understatement! Most recently, our washing machine started leaking consistently and no number of YouTube videos or tutorials could help us out. We finally decided to admit defeat and contact a handyman when I remembered I had Anne’s book! I flipped through, found the section on appliances and how to select a qualified repairman, and voila. Now I know how to turn off the washing machine water valve to stop my leak from getting worse in the meantime AND what to look for when hiring for appliance repair. I am SO glad we have this book to consult! Would recommend this to anyone, especially fellow first-time homebuyers!"

— Erin Frederickson